Our progress so far – we are thrilled that so many people have expressed excitement that our NZU Restaurant is opening!!

Our Specialities

Iconic and world famous New Zealand ingredients including lamb, venison, king salmon, blue cod, green lipped mussels, oysters, paua (abalone), whitebait and crayfish!

Events featuring Maori hangi – the traditional feast, cooking meat and vegetables in earth ovens heated with hot stones – in the future.

Favorite New Zealand desserts, using seasonal New Zealand fruit such as kiwifruit, strawberries and cherries. These will include Pavlova, Lamington (sponge cake), scones, muffins and Anzac biscuits. Other New Zealand sweet treats include hokey-pokey ice-cream, other NZ ice creams, pineapple lumps, Jaffas (crisp orange coated chocolate balls) and chocolate fish.

A wide range of New Zealand wines. New Zealand Unlimited supplies 69 wines from 19 vineyards.

A range of highly regarded Manuka Honey- coming soon.

New Zealand beverages – including our passion for the very best world class coffee, L&P (a local soft drink – Tagline “World famous in New Zealand”) and the skill and passion of our bar team to create the very best and most refreshing drinks and cocktails possible.

New Zealand made cheeses – many –  from Fonterra and Kapiti, along with olives, extra virgin olive oil and avocado oil.

New Zealand arts, Maori carvings, glassware and scenery.

New Zealand Jewelry, made from paua shell, Jade (greenstone) and mother of pearl. From rings to Hei-tiki – (Maori neck pendants).

Visiting Maori performances and cultural shows and we are aiming to arrange some visiting All Blacks and other prominent New Zealand artists and personalities. This will include collaboration with ENZED Sdn Bhd, the event management company who has brought many New Zealand performers to Malaysia :- Kahurangi Maori Dance Company to perform in Malaysia over one hundred times, The Lady Killers, The Kiwi All Stars, Frankie Stevens, Phil Madsen, Tim Beveridge, Elizabeth Marvelly, etc.

Our diverse cuisine. Using the world renowned New Zealand ingredients, modern New Zealand cooking combines older British and European techniques together with Mediterranean and Pacific Rim influences – reflecting our increasingly cosmopolitan society.

Our service. We pride ourselves on smart, friendly and efficient service. Our aim is to make all our guests as comfortable and relaxed as possible.